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About Me

Originally, I started learning the acoustic guitar in primary school but never really thought much about music. That is, until I discovered an uncle's Led Zeppelin tape and the almighty Jimmy Page and thought, "now, what is that?!!" 

Luckily my parents had a friend who had an electric guitar he never played anymore and seeing my love for music, and the guitar in particular, decided I should have it. Well that was it!
From then I started to listen to every band I could, trying to the hear the guitar parts and figure out how to play them. Even though I didn't really know how to play yet I used to write them down (in my own made up way) so I wouldn't forget them. I started to get some more lessons at this time but was never really shown what I wanted to play (rock guitar!).

About age 15 my friends and I started our first band, playing all our favorite songs as best we could as we were basically teaching ourselves. By now I was completely hooked on the guitar and knew I had to get some real lessons. This led me to study with Rob Pappalardo who started the Blue Note School of Music in Frankston. An amazing player who really opened my eyes to playing style and technique. 

From there I went on to teach at Cranbourne Music School for nearly 10 years and have played in lots of different bands over the years, some covers, some original. The current being Stiflers Mom, a 70's/80's/90's pop/rock cover band, Electric - The Australian Cult Show and also Paranoid, a Black Sabbath Tribute. My last original band, Bad Karma, was lucky enough to have shared the stage with some Oz rock legends like The Angels, The Screaming Jets and Rose Tattoo. We have an album available on iTunes called Chasing Ghosts. 
I am also currently working on some solo material. 

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